Thursday, September 29, 2011

MDC3: Status So Far

Money: Zero

Visits: About 20/day
Comments: Comments on most my posts (which arent much)

Fails: MY GIVEAWAY!! No one has signed up yet. I think my prize sucked lol.
Fails: Paying for logo which sucked
Fails: Paying 5 bucks for facebook LIKES. I didnt honestly think it would work LOL, and I still havent figured out HOW they do it. My only guess is stolen passwords. I fee like a cheat though.

Wins: Making a logo I liked.
Wins: My branding
Wins: Comments! and Good Posts.
Wins: Figured out what my plugins do!

LIKE THE BRANDING? Hire me to do it for you! From logo to banners for Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. $150 ( for simple logo, twitter, facebook, and youtube)


If you have a blog or site already, let me know about it and I'll see if it would be in my best interest to have you list me as payment for the branding services.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MDC2: Giveaway

In order to get at least one subcribers I have a cheap giveaway, I'm giving away a tshirt. Hopefully I can get at leaste ONE!

Check this out.

I'm trying to remember to do SEO things correctly like putting my keywords in pictures and such.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MDC1: Picking a Topic

Million Dollar Challenge Update 1: Picking a Topic

I've been learning about how to make money so I can do what I WANT instead of having to work in things I dont like for the past 3 years. The concept came to be very quickly, I want to teach people without a single clue as to where to begin or what to do the very basics that took me years to learn.

I'll be writing the blog as if I were writing it to myself 3 years ago.

Please make sure to Re-Tweet or Like my posts!! Thank you!

Lucy from